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Nearly 80% of Healthcare Execs Investing More in Big Data, AI

Happy 2019 everyone, here is a good article on how Big Data and AI are gaining a lot of executive attention in the health care space. Some article highlights from Health IT Analytics…

  • nearly 80 percent of healthcare participants also reported a greater urgency to invest in advanced analytics capabilities

  • nearly 80 percent of data analytics leaders said their organizations still struggle with big data analytics and AI adoption, with 92.5 percent naming cultural and organizational resistance as major barriers

  • 91 percent of respondents said business transformation, agility, and competition were spurring additional spending, while just 4.8 percent named cost savings as the driving factor

  • Among healthcare respondents, concerns over disruptive forces and competitors were a major motivator for investment, with 78.6 percent citing this as their main reason for increased spending

  • AI and machine learning proved to be the priority for investment, with over 96 percent of executives saying their organizations are spending more on these solutions

  • Cloud computing is also a major area of focus, with 90.5 percent of executives reporting increased spending in this domain

  • Blockchain has emerged as an innovative solution to big data challenges, only a small number of healthcare organizations reported increased investments in the technology