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How Machines Learn

A very good, fun, 9 min video by CGP Grey on how machines learn… This goes over the fundamentals of machine learning - which is the foundation of artificial intelligence.

Key concepts… algorithmic bots are everywhere, they learn with tests and lots of data, lots of data. These bots are getting so sophisticated, we may not know how they come up with the answer, but we can control the tests (and data) that they use.

Analytic Moment - Episode 2 - Health Care A.I. Use Cases

Analytic Moment - Episode 2 - Health Care A.I. Use Cases

In our first episode we highlighted how everyone actually uses AI - we may just not know it - this is thanks to Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon. We also know that Fortune 500 companies have the war chest to invest in these promising new technologies. Over the past few years, the mid market now has access to these tools and the ability to create their own solution. In this episode we highlight what are some common uses cases in health care - we take a deep dive on patient no-show prediction.

Technologies to Drive Innovation in Healthcare

A great 2018 study by James Gaston - Sr. Director at HIMSS Health Care Advisory Services -talks about which technologies will drive innovation in healthcare. The three at the top of the list are

  1. Analytics and data management

  2. AI and machine learning

  3. Cloud computing

These technologies are transforming the medical industry - and their capabilities are growing at an exponential rate.

Here is a  link  to the webinar published April 19, 2019

Here is a link to the webinar published April 19, 2019

Lifetime Odds of Dying - from Opioid Overdose and Suicide

The National Safety Council has published lifetime odds of dying for accidental/preventable causes in the U.S. and for the first time opioid overdose (1 in 96) has surpassed that of motor vehicle (1 in 103). The odds of dying from suicide are sitting at 1 in 88. This underscores the importance of behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment for our nation. Both the opioid epidemic and suicides can be impacted through more sophisticated data analytics which will drive more targeted treatment and prevention activities.