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The Analytic Moment - Episode 4 - Four steps to Embedded AI

In this 8 minute video we talk about how to move your organization towards embedded AI - this is the holy grail of AI - unless it is integrated into your operations, you won’t get the maximum return.

The first step is understanding the analytics is much more than just visualization. You need to first build a strong foundation for you analytics capabilities.

Step 2 is to move your organization towards self service analytics - your IT will never get to the bottom of the report building to-do list, you need to empower your business users.

Step 3 is where you start to predict certain elements and components of your organization, now that you have a robust data set and situational awareness. Only at this point, can you truly start down the world of predictions.

Finally, these solutions need to be embedded into your operations. In order to make it easy to consume these newly developed insights, then need to be moved to a “next best action”. This is where the magic happens, combining analytic insight and operational know-how to produce a set of prescriptive actions.

Real-Time Data Analytics Tool to Track Drug Abuse

In the fight against drug abuse, information is power, and current or near real-time data is more powerful. A team at The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) has developed a tool using data analytics to gather actionable data on the dynamic world of abuse. DrugTracker was created as a community-based monitoring and support system for drug abuse that leverages social media input in order to support diagnosis and sources of drug abuse. With Opioid abuse becoming a growing problem in the United States, the team at NJIT felt that this was a necessary and effective tool in trying to curb the drug problem that we are currently facing.

Click Here read more about this innovative tool.

Analytic Moment- Episode 3- Why Now for A.I.

Analytic Moment- Episode 3- Why Now for A.I.

In the last episode, we highlighted some of the ways that A.I. can be used in the health care and also talked about patient no-show prediction. In this episode, we discuss the current needs in the health care industry, the new entrants and threats in the health care market, and how companies in the health care industry that are starting to adopt predictive analytics.

How Machines Learn

A very good, fun, 9 min video by CGP Grey on how machines learn… This goes over the fundamentals of machine learning - which is the foundation of artificial intelligence.

Key concepts… algorithmic bots are everywhere, they learn with tests and lots of data, lots of data. These bots are getting so sophisticated, we may not know how they come up with the answer, but we can control the tests (and data) that they use.