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Let Us Help You Optimize Your Appointment Schedule


Without our App

No-shows make up 20-40% of Your daily appointment schedules

Lost revenue for your business

Under-utilized capacity & labor

Negative impact on patient treatment

Erratic clinician schedule


With Our app

predict patient reliability & no-shows

Convert 20% of No-Show Losses into revenue

Lift your bottom-line 3-5%

Maximize efficient health delivery

Improve patient accessibility


Our Simple 4-Step Process



1. Assessment

Our expert consultants will assess your no-show rates and modify the approach based on your current EHR system.

2. Data Load

Upload your data to our HIPAA compliant, secure cloud platform.

3. Model Refinement

Our expert consultants then tune the appointment optimizing algorithms based on your uploaded data to maximize predictive results.

4. Implementation

Finally, our app implements the results with easy to read red, yellow, and green categories within your scheduling system and dashboard.

From there our consultants aid in developing new scheduling strategies and user training, allowing you to confidently predict patient reliability.

Become a data-driven organization

Implement high-confidence appointment scheduling.

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